Penerapan Akuntansi Pertanggungjawaban Dengan Anggaran Sebagai Alat Pengendalian Biaya(Studi kasus pada PT. Pelni Kantor Cabang Makasar)

PT Pelni is a state-owned corporation engaging in sea transport business. The company was built on 1950. As most transport companies in Indonesia, increasing price of refined fuel oil significantly affect PT Pelni, which causes cost of refined fuel oil increase to 46,12% from total shipping cost. Therefore, company tries to increase efficiency in all aspect, as well as to increase internal control in order to tightly manage the expense side.

Application of responsibility accounting be able to motivate company in order to reach that purposes through cost control. Based on that background, then the objective of this research is doing research about application of responsibility accounting in reaching cost control. This research use qualitative approach. This research also use divining manual study and interview with accounting staff of PT Pelni to obtain data.

The analysis method of this research is comparing application of responsibility accounting and cost control that is obtained from case study. From result of research in PT Pelni, the company have not applied responsibility accounting well enough, this matter can be known based on any qualifications and characteristics which have not been fulfilled. The company also have not implement cost control well, this matter can be seen from analysis for cost variance that have not been done.

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