Analisis Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Efektivitas Iklan Pada Media Televisi (Studi Pada Iklan Produk Sepeda Motor Honda)

Competition in motorcycle industries has made the companies build some strategies so that their products could be responded in their market. The companies including Honda did some intensive promotions. One of the promotions was advertisement through multimedia tools such as television, which is believed can reach larger market segment however it costly. Honda, which has spent much money to create that advertisement, suffered a declining market share for years.

The problem that was involved is how to create an extraordinary advertisement, creative, and able to attract people so that the advertisement could be delivered effectively. This research, would analyze the effects of message quality, attractiveness, and broadcasting frequency to television advertisement effectively. This research, use multiple linear regression method with SPSS version 16.0 for windows software. The population used was Semarang’s people with special criteria.

They had to be Honda consumer and ever watched Honda advertisement. Using accidental sampling method directed to 100 respondents as this research sample. The research result showed that message quality, attractiveness, and broadcasting frequency have positive and significant impact to advertisement effectiveness both partially and simultaneously. Then we could draw a conclusion that Honda has to concern to those three factors to produce an effective advertisement so that the cost that has spent get appropriate result.

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